Hello everyone from Gower Fresh Christmas Trees, busy as usual at the farm, it is now the 3rd of May as I write this and the farm is coming alive after the few spells of sunshine we had. The trees Fraser Fir, Nordman Fir and Korean Fir are growing fast, and we just about finished pruning and shearing them in time ahead of the new growth. I can already see we will have some fantastic looking trees for pick-your-own and also for the wholesale Christmas Tree business we also run.

Easter Trails Gower Fresh

If you haven’t heard or visited recently, we ran an Easter Trail Egg Hunt at the farm for the first time. It was very successful and super exciting week. It was great to see thousands of regular customers and new ones come and enjoy themselves. We had the Easter bunny , Alice in Wonderland, café, sweet shop, fairground, tractor rides, ice cream stop, Daley Bee entertainer, reindeer feeding. We also had Will’s rabbit petting corner and Will’s lambs and lots of craft stalls. The response was fantastic and we cannot wait to develop this event further for next year.

Easter Trails Gower Fresh


This is what some of the visitors had to say about their experience.

Fantastic day out! Staff were very helpful & attentive. Lots to do for all ages, the Easter trail was great. Weather was beautiful.
Entertainment was fabulous! We’ve been before at Christmas (which was brill) and our Easter visit did not disappoint! Well done!

Hannah Jane

Family at the Easter Trails Gower Fresh

Brilliant day out, always so much effort put in by the staff.
Spent a good few hours there today while the kids were entertained with lots of activities, enjoyed beautiful weather and a lovely walk through the farm on the Easter trail.
Highly recommend!

Jessie Dallimore

a boy stamping his list at Easter Trails Gower Fresh

Went for the Easter egg trail, what a fantastic day. Everything clearly signposted, loads to do for the kids and the prices on refreshments were brilliant ? can’t wait to book for Halloween and Christmas

Aisha Walters

Happy family at Easter Trails Gower Fresh



The next event, after the summer is Halloween, which is expected to be bigger and scarier than last year, so watch this space. Our pumpkin seeds of all sizes, shapes and colours were sown yesterday all 16000 of them. Then it will be Christmas already we are taking wholesale Christmas tree orders for our Fraser Fir trees, and work is underway on the new grotto.

But the big and exciting news at the farm at the moment is our reindeer herd, 15 are due to give birth. In last couple of days 4 have had their babies, all doing really well. This is an anxious time for myself as I am up all hours, keeping an eye on them in case they need assistance or if there is a problem. Sometimes when they loose a calf they get distraught as there is such a huge maternal instinct with reindeer. I haven’t been able to get close to the newborns as mothers are very aggressive and protective, which is good as the local fox wouldn’t be able to get near them, hopefully.

We are all a bit nervous watching the little ones as the key to their survival is them finding the mother’s milk in the first few hours. The reindeer milk is one of the richest milk out there, once the babies find it, usually after sucking every other part of their mother, they grow and get strong fast. They are relatively secure as there’s no danger for them from predators like in wild bears, wolfs,  etc. it’s just Dave the dog staring at them from the other side of fence, LOL.

I will keep you posted with some pics or you can follows us on Facebook, where you can see regular video updates.

I’m heading back now to check for more babies, fingers crossed, and you can all see them soon.


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