Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying the beautiful summer and sunshine we are getting in Wales this year. The Christmas trees are growing really fast, probably coming towards the end of their growth now. We are finally doing the last work, shaping the trees and correcting the colour ready for Christmas. 

In a couple of weeks, we will put all the labels on the trees which will help us identify the many different types, quality, and height of each individual tree. That in turn then helps us to identify where the trees need to be and importantly which customer is going to buy them as this year we will be wholesaling many more trees.  A lot of our trees are being shipped all over the Country to various garden centres and shops.  We have also supplied some trees for a couple of TV series’ being filmed in the BBC Cardiff Studios so obviously. It’s Christmas time there at the moment. It’s been nice to make an early start but strange to cut trees down in the height of summer.

Gower Christmas trees wholesale

Christmas Trees Wholesale

With Brexit looming we’ve had a lot of wholesale customers ringing us to supply them with trees this year. Many panicking that trees will not be available from the Continent this year. Normally the UK market is full of Christmas trees from Europe. Those are great trees but they are often cut too early and that leads to problems with supply and needle loss. So, it looks like the British market will be full of great British trees this Christmas.

As we are one of the largest growers of Fraser Fir Trees in the UK we are getting a lot of inquiries and orders for this particular tree. Basically, the Fraser Fir is one of the most popular trees in the USA but now is fast becoming the most popular in the UK, due to their lovely smell and narrow shape. This tree is especially suitable for customers with limited room space. Our pot trees production starts with Korean Fir and Fraser Fir trees, which will be plentiful in numbers this year and is also great to have as it will continue to live and grow year by year.

Gower Fresh Pumkins

Gower pumpkins

This year we have started growing Pumpkins for the ever-growing popularity of Halloween. It’s been a bit of a learning curve for us as the Pumpkins got off to a slow start. We had some problems due to the bad weather in May when we had lots of rain and cold winds. But, they are now catching up and growing very fast. As you can imagine it is very strange to see some of our Christmas tree fields now full of pumpkins. I seem to have been staring at Christmas trees all of my life and it is making a nice change seeing all our pumpkins flourishing.

Halloween at Gower Fresh

We are all looking forward to having the Farm full of people and welcome you all back at Gower Fresh Christmas Trees for a totally spooky time at Halloween. We have got lots of planned activities such as Spooky Shows, Great Entertainment, plenty of Food, Drinks, and Goodys and the stars of the show- literally thousands of pumpkins.

baby reindeer at Gower Fresh Christmas Trees

Also looking forward to seeing you on Halloween is our newest star of the show- “BUDDY”. Our orphaned reindeer, who seems to be growing and growing. The rest of the herd is going strong. There are loads and loads of massive antlers at the moment and as you can see from the pictures they are covered in velvet. The reindeer will start rubbing this off now to expose the hard antler which they then use for protection in the autumn when the rutt begins and the bull male starts to round up his females ready for mating.


Gower Pumpkins and Christmas Trees tickets

Tickets will soon be available for Halloween and Christmas. 
The Christmas tickets get booked at a very fast rate for the weekends so please try book early this year to avoid any disappointment. We wouldn’t want to have to turn away families and especially the young children with them who have traveled a long distance to visit us for a magical Christmas experience only to find out there are no tickets left. 

Unfortunately, because of our capacity sometimes, we just cannot let any more people onto the farm on the weekends, so please book early.  The Grotto is slowly coming to life as we speak, I don’t want to say too much but we have some great new additions inside the grotto this year which will be truly a magical experience.  We have grown so much since we started with a Santa in a wooden shed and now amazingly our Santa and his Grotto is one of the largest Winter Wonderland attractions in the UK.

Next, we will talk all about our Halloween program. See you soon.

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