The Home of Halloween on Gower

At Gower Fresh Christmas Trees we are looking forward to our annual Gower Halloween Event, during the half-term in October 2021. We have prepared an incredible week of fun and spooky celebrations for the whole family. This year we will open for pumpkin picking on 8th of October, with the main Halloween events then kicking off on the first Saturday of Half Term, 23rd October. 

Last year was difficult for everyone and for us. We had to cancel Halloween at the farm, it was heartbreaking. But this year we are back stronger and scarer than ever. The never-ending enthusiasm of our team has been put to good use and we have come up with some very special and scary new activities and celebrations. Here is some of what you can expect from our Gower Halloween Party.

Halloween Tickets

Book your tickets online, pre-booking is a must, there will be no walk-ins this year. Hurry up, get that ticket so you don’t miss on all the fun and spooky activities we have prepared for young and old. 
All tickets are non-refundable. If, in the unlikely event of a cancelation due to COVID restrictions we offer “50% OFF” vouchers towards the cost of a 2022 ticket. Times and dates cannot be changed, so make sure you select the correct time and date when buying your tickets.

Pumkin Carving

PRICE: £7.99
This is our most popular activity – taking around 20-30 minutes, you can choose the pumpkin you want to carve from a huge range in the Pumpkin area before you are given everything you’ll need to scoop, chop and craft your perfect lantern. Take a pic of your creation and post on Facebook.

Broomstick Decorating

PRICE: £7.99
Choose a locally produced broom you like the look of, then add a host of great decorations to give it a bespoke magic feel, and with luck, you might get to fly it – but please wait until you get home to try! Get creative!
FYI, flyig lessons are not included.

Cauldron Capers Tickets-Gower Fresh Halloween

Cauldron Capers

PRICE: £7.99
The Wicked Witch of the West will be cackling her way through Cauldron Capers. She will be entertaining all of the children who come to broomstick making and pumpkin carving! Take a lucky dip in the giant cauldron but be quick or she will put a spell on you! Happy Haunting!

What to Expect at Gower Fresh this Halloween

Join us for a week of Halloween celebrations and fun this half term at the best-known Christmas trees farm on the Gower- Gower Fresh Christmas Trees. In 2021we have prepared a range of new activities, new characters and spookier than ever experiences alongside your favourite Pumpkin Carving, Broomstick Decorating, Cauldron Capers and a host of spooky goings-on this half term, and you can even meet and feed Santa’s reindeer as they relax before the work starts in December! 

Meet the new most horrifying and scary characters:

 The Horned Witch 
 The Dalmatian Villain 
 The Wicked Teens (performances in the Haunted Barn)
 The Wicked Witch (walking around the Haunted Barn)

The Halloween barn is sure to be a trick or treat! Who could be in there? The Dalmatian Villain or The Horned Witch? There will be a different villain depending on what day you come! Join them in the spooky grotto whilst you take a lucky dip in the giant cauldron but be quick or she will put a spell on you! Have your picture taken too… if you dare!

The Wicked Teens will be cooking up a storm in the Haunted barn. They are headed over from their island to visit all the mini villains at Gower Fresh Christmas Tree Farm to have some rotten fun. Join them at 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00 to sing and dance and learn to be WICKED! Get your meanest moves ready to impress!

The Wicked Witch of the West will be cackling her way through Cauldron Capers. She will be entertaining all of the children who come to broomstick making and pumpkin carving! Happy Haunting!

Gower Halloween Party at Gower Fresh Christmas Trees
Gower Halloween- Room of Doom
Gower Halloween- pumpkin carving
Gower Fresh-cauldron capers
Halloween Pumpkin Picking-Gower Fresh Christmas Trees

Pumpkin Patch

In 2018 we had our first ever  Pick Your Own pumpkin and Halloween event. We were amazed by the response of the visitors, who loved the chance to visit the farm and pick their pumpkins.
We just about kept up with the demand of thousands of pumpkins. We scattered them among the Christmas trees at our PYO fields, where customers could choose their big pumpkin and carry it back to the farm in our wheelbarrows.

The success was phenomenal, so, this year we are going bigger. We planted thousands more pumpkins to meet the demand. Now you can buy a Gower grown pumpkin at the farm from the start of October. You can either take it home with you or use it in our Pumpkin Carving activity inside the spooky barn. It’s great fun for the children and the whole family, it’s pumpkin carnage, it’s creativity, it’s laughter, music, food and so much more.

Come and Pick your Own Pumpkin at the farm, you will need a Car Pass to get to the PYO fields. We start selling pumpkins on the 8th of October. We are open 7 days a week, 9:00 am to 5.30 pm. Come and see the thousands of wonderful pumpkins we have waiting for you. We are introducing a PYO Field Car Pass, which is only for the bottom site. Please, BOOK your Car Pass today!