Visit the Farm & Meet and Feed our Reindeer

Meet & Feed our Reindeer

Get Your Tickets to Visit the Reindeer

Our New Reindeer Visit ticket is here.

Ideal for people who want to visit the herd but don’t want to buy a Christmas tree or buy tickets for our events and activitie, simply come and meet and feed our reindeer. For a small charge you can buy our special moss and then treet the reindeer to their favourit food.

These tickets allow you to turn up on the day of purchase during our opening hours for the day. They are not time set for the day, but last entry is 1 hour before our closing time on the day. The ticket has to be used for the day you purchase, although you can move to another date if you set up an account when buying, and then move the ticket yourself (small admin fee applies), These tickets are non-refundable.

You only need this tickets if you do not have tickets for our other events such as the Grotto, Halloween, Easter, etc. Those who already have such tickets have free access to see the reindeer. If you have purchsed a Christmas tree from us or pumkins or anything from our shop and you bring your reciet you will have a free access to the reindeer.

Ticket holders who get free access to the Reindeer can purchase an “I’ve Seen Robs Reindeer” Goodie Bag for £4 on the day.
The tickets also give you access to the seasonal Arch for family Photo’s.

Our Reindeer

Wales’s Largest Reindeer Herd

Gower Fresh Christmas Trees is home to Wales’s largest reindeer herd. To date we have 34, some of which have lived at the farm for over 14 years. Our herd are very much part of the family and roam freely and happily in their 20 plus acres. We feed the reindeer their native moss which they love and is imported from Scandinavia. Most of the reindeer have been born at the farm and are close to the heart of the business. We are very passionate about the well-being and welfare of all of our reindeer, as opposed to some less fortunate around the country.

Opening Times

09.30 tbc,
11.30 tbc
13.30 tbc


You can come and see the reindeer for free. Just give us a call or email us so we can arrange for your visit.

Feed the Reindeer

When you arrive you can feed the Reindeer with our very special moss and make them like you.


Bookings only for group visits.
For more information call
01792 872094 or email us

Meet and Feed the Reindeers

An Unforgettable Experience

Some of our reindeer are taken to selected seasonal events each year, where there four or five reindeer in a large pen surrounded by a festive scene. We alway have experienced handlers with them who are knowledgable and well able to discuss their story and the background of our herd. We have strict welfare standards and comply with all insurances, licences and legal documentation that is necessary. We do not let our reindeer attend parades as we do not agree with the unnecessary disruption this could potentially cause our reindeer.

Reindeer Off-site Visits

Maximum length of stay is 4 hours.
Maximum 30 mile radius of farm.
4 to 5 reindeer with pen and Christmas backdrop
2 handlers to welcome the public and educate on the reindeer
Moss to feed reindeer

All licences, insurances, risk assessments and legal documentation supplied before event.


The price to hire our reindeer is £1000 + VAT.
Deposit of £450 will be required. We would ask that you book early, as our availability is filling up fast and we only take our reindeer to a limited number of events to ensure their wellbeing

Booking Details

To arrange a visit before or after the Christmas Season, please call
Kath on 07841036704 or Sian on 07966 599416
or e-mail us at:
During the Christmas Season you can just turn up, we are open all day.

We are now taking school bookings during November and December for fun,
educational trips to meet our adorable reindeer
and meet Father Christmas in his grotto.

Clients Testimonials

PLAN YOUR VISIT. Contact us if you need more information or have questions.