The Christmas Perfume

Korean Fir (Abies koreana) is a fir native to the higher mountains of South Korea, including Jeju-do island. It grows at altitudes of 1,000–1,900 m in temperate rain forest with high rainfall and cool, humid summers, and heavy winter snowfall.

The needles of Abies koreana are wider, more rounded and softer than ordinarily, giving a full conical appearance as the branches twirl around its central stem. The leaf arrangement is spiral on the shoot, but with each leaf variably twisted at the base so they lie mostly either side of and above the shoot, with fewer below the shoot. The shoots are green-grey at first, maturing pinkish-grey, with scattered fine pubescence. The cones are 4–7 cm long and 1.5–2 cm broad, dark purple-blue before maturity; the scale bracts are long, green or yellow, and emerge between the scales in the closed cone. The winged seeds are released when the cones disintegrate at maturity about 5–6 months after pollination.

Perhaps the most striking feature of this tree is it’s potent aroma. Your home will feel saturated with a Christmas perfume.


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