The Best Tree for Holding its needles

The Noble Fir (Abies procera) is also called red fir and Christmastree. It is a western North American fir, native to the Cascade Range and Coast Range mountains of the far ends of northwest California and western Oregon and Washington states in the United States.

In the wild, this tree is a tall, beautifully symmetrical tree that reaches to over 200 feet in height. It has smooth bark with resin blisters when young that changes to brownish-gray plates with age.
The needles of this tree are roughly 4-sided (similar to spruce) over 1 inch long, bluish-green but look like silver because of 2 white rows of stomata on the underside and 1-2 rows on the upper surface. The needles are generally twisted upward so that the lower surface of branches are exposed. Known for its beauty, the noble fir has a long keep ability, and its stiff branches make it a good tree for heavy ornaments.

The original Latin name Abies nobilis had to be changed when it was discovered another tree already had been given this name. However, the common name has persisted because of the magnificent proportions of the tree and the large, heavy cones.


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