We will see you again in 2023

Rhossili Sunflowers fields

Welcome to Rhossili Sunflowers, located at the iconic the Vile in Rhossili, we grow around 8 acres of sunflowers at the moment. Years ago the Vile was famous for vegetable production , growing some of the best vegetables in  the uk, demand for that has declined as with farming on the Gower, now most of the land is owned by the National Trust, bar some by local farmers, and the sunflower fields by Robert Morgan of Gower Fresh Christmas trees.

In 2020 planted their first sunflowers at the land , providing a spectacle and a great day out, combined with their Food Hut , supplying local produce and  ingredients. 2020 was a great succees and much needed  escape to may from the covid crisis, there isd something special about standing in a field full of sunflowers overlooking the rhossili bay or in the sunflower archway which is the must have insta pic of 2020.
*In the event of adverse  weather the fields may close earlier

Opening Times

We are open from 10am to 7pm, every day.
No booking needed, just turn up.


PYO £1.50 per stem, £5 a bunch
Entry to the fields- £3.00 pp

How to Find Us

To find us use postcode SA3 1PR, this will get you to the National Trust (pay & display) carpark.

What's new in 2022

2022 has presented its own challenges with the recent heat waves, which made the sunflowers blossom earlier than usual. With the flowers now growing fast all set to be a great summer at Rhossili. We have a nature trail amongst the sunflowers in the lower field ( see map).

You will receive a map and will be able to find all the wooden animals along the way, take picture in the sunflower fields and the sunflower swing. Later in August the second field will flower and hoping to do some PYO in there.

Later in August the second field will flower and we are hoping to do some PYO at that time.

Also throughout our sunflower season the Seafood Hut will be open and will be offering delicious local cakes and doughnuts and a variety of drinks!  

Our Sunflowers fields are now open. 
Spectacular views, beautiful flowers,
lots of fun activities, delicious seafood,
great time for the whole family. 

On the Day

Please be advised sunny days and weekends can get very busy so please expect delays.  Try to visit on weekdays when it is quieter and more tranquil.   Please don’t forget to drive carefully and be mindful of the animals that live on Gower.

The parking for the sunflower fields is in the National Trust car park and it is then a short walk about ten minutes maximum to the bottom field.  You can take in the beautiful view of Rhossili beach along the way (please see map).

This route is wheelchair and pushchair friendly, as opposed to other route.

Sensible footwear is recommended in wet conditions and many people also head out to worms head after visiting us.  If you intend to do this please speak to guys in the Coastguard Station for safe times to cross.

The Sunflower

For 2022 we have planted about ten different varieties of sunflowers, and next year we are planning to plant lavender also. Besides being a haven for wildlife such as finches, mammals, birds of prey and insects in the summer months our cultivated fields then become a very valuable source for all wildlife in the harsher winter months and become a haven for the wildlife. We also harvest some seeds to re-plant and sell on.


Last year all of the visitors to the sunflower fields raised over £1200.00 for Rhossili Church and the RNLI so a very big THANK YOU all and we will be announcing this year’s Charities soon.  It is great to give something back to the community.