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During November and December we hold organised and accompanied school trips, which are very popular. Your school or club can come and visit our Christmas Tree Farm where we tailor-fit all visits to the age and size of the group.  

You will visit the trees in the fields with an optional tractor and trailer ride.
Witness the awakening of Mother Claus who will then entertain you with stories.
Feed the reindeer and meet other baby lambs and piglets who are part of our family, and then be guided by the elves into the Magical Winter Wonderland where you will meet Father Christmas in his snowy kingdom of magical elves and animals.

£12.00 per head, excluding Tractor Ride
£ 13.00 per head, including Tractor Ride
Staff go for free.
Payment is required in full before the day of the visit 

Time Slots:
09.30;  12.30

Booking Details:
To make a booking, please contact Kath on: 07841036704
or email:- [email protected]  

School Trips to Swansea Winter Wonderland