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Swansea Winter Wonderland

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The Grotto

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Meet Santa and get a present

Gower Fresh Christmas Trees is also the home of Father Christmas and his magical Winter Wonderland. A visit to the Farm wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Santa’s Grotto. The elves are waiting excitedly to welcome the children and take them to meet Santa. Why not make your experience complete and when you come to choose your tree also enter the snowy kingdom. Once inside your journey through the snowy land begins. You will see a family of polar bears relaxing in the snow, trees that spring into life and speak, elves busy making toys, Santa’s sleigh being loaded ready for Christmas Eve and you can even sit in it and feel the magic. At the end of your adventure and possibly a snow shower or two, you will meet Father Christmas and his reindeer and maybe if you have been on the ‘GOOD’ list, get a present.

Grotto Opening Times:  opens on November 19th

Mon-Fri: 9:30-18:30; Sat-Sun: 9:30-17:00; Christmas Eve: 9:30-15:00

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Grotto Animatronics

See our polar bears, penguins, snowmen, Santa, elves and more.
See them come alive and greet
you in the Grotto.
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Meet Santa

We have 5 chalets, where children can meet and greet Santa, talk to him and the elves and take a selfie with Santa.

Get a present from Santa

Children will get their presents from Santa himself. He is reading all the letters you send him so he knows what toy you want.

How to Book your Tickets to the GROTTO

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We are very happy that thousands of people visit the farm every year to see Santa at his grotto. It gets really busy and very crowded, and in order to keep everything organised and give you the best possible experience we have set a system in place that will allow you to book your visit and choose a time slot that best suits you and your family.

You will choose your own time slot but it is not critical that you arrive exactly on time so please do not worry or rush to arrive as we would like you to have a stress free experience. Once inside the GROTTO please relax and enjoy the magical journey and don’t hurry to the end to meet Santa.

We would like to encourage you to purchase your tickets online, booking by telephone is not currently available. Please, make sure to book separately if you visit with people who are not from the same household. Also, make sure the maximum number of people you book for from the same household is 6 people.

Your journey through the Winter Wonderland is taken at your own pace. On average families spend about 20 minutes taking in the sights, sounds and excitement in the GROTTO but there is much to see outside as well including baby lambs and piglets, reindeer and more.

The Booking process is in few easy steps, few clicks and you are done, but please, take your time to ensure that you have entered all the correct details as we cannot action refunds or change booking dates. Please, make sure you book early as weekends and the week leading up to Christmas Eve fill up very quickly.

Tickets will be issued by e-mail. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a digital ticket.The ticket will have a Ref. No. and a bar code, we need those in readable format so we can quickly scan your ticket and let you in. Bring either a printed copy of your ticket or digital on your phone.


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PLAN YOUR VISIT. Contact us if you need more information or have questions.