Hello everyone has been a while since a blog, but we never seem to have much time on the farm to sit and write , besides fb and instagram.

But finally am sitting down in front of the computer, anxiously waiting for our first reindeeer calf to be born, our bull boyce ! was late getting in with his harem this year so think we are running late, so addditions to our welsh reindeer herd will have to wait.

Disspaointed we lost our easter event due to the pandemic, as last year was such a great success and lots of fun had by all who visited gower fresh trees and went of the easter trail, with the fun fair , circus tent, gower ice cream stand and dalay bee entertaining in the barn.

Next year hopefully normality will return at easter , and be lovely to see you all back at the farm.

Our next possible event maybe taking place , will be the Sunflowers in Rhossili.

Having now land down there we have planted 250,000 sunflowers , and also 30,000 sweetcorn, a very small patch of sunflowers will be PYO pick your own, and the sweetcorn also will be pick your own. The majority of sunflowers will be harvested for bird seed and the rest left for feed and cover for wintering birds. Hopefully if grows ! will be ready in 3 months. The two fields are close to where the National Trust had their sunflowers last year, and are working with them to bring you sunflowers this year, we hope to see rhossili back in colour with the sunflowers, and the wildlife and fauna thriving on the habitat the national trust and the crops provide, essential to a healty countryside.

This week ive been down where the sunflowers are in rhossili, and seen skylarks, chuffs, perigrine falcons , brown hares, all thriving on the vile the area on rhossili where all the sunflowers and national trust land is, hopefully youll be alll there soon to see nature at its best on gower.

As hard as it has been for us all to stay at home , wildlife and animals have all benefited in the breeding season , uninterrupted by us all , lambs and foals on the cliffs are at peace and playing with no disturbance during birth, and the rest of the wildlife and birds have all bred in peace, many say rhossili was like this 60 years ago.So please before you return please be respectful of the animals wildlife and locals who live year all year , and enjoy .

Back at Gower Fresh trees in Thre Crosses, we have planted the pumpkins for the halloween event , and also 30,000 chritmas trees , fraser fir and nordman fir.

This year we have planted another 10,000 pot grown christmas trees , which we selll more of every year, also now have a pick your own potted tree plot where you can dig up your potted tree, besides the usual pick your own cut tree.

Also the christmas grotto is underway, wales largest christmas grotto, i say this everyyear is set to be the best yet, hate giving to much away as am like a kid at christmas sometimes but will be good , and tickets will be online nearer the time , we will also be wreath making this year if anyone is interested in making their own wreath or would like to book a wreath making party.

Ill sign off now lots to come , massive thankyou to NHS and to you all who have listened at lockdown , and thanks for continued support of our local family business


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