Wholesale Christmas Trees

Wholesale Christmas Trees are our big thing at this time of the year. With the excitement of reindeer calving season behind us, we have just finished planting 12,000 pumpkins just in time before the heavens opened benefiting them and the trees can relax somewhat.

But as many of you are looking forward to summer and holidays, we are busy as every other day of the year at Gower Fresh Christmas Trees. With a great team of workers out in all weathers, we preparing for the wholesale Christmas trees. As many of you already know we don’t only sell Christmas trees to the public on our Christmas tree sites and farm, but we also wholesale Christmas trees, sending them all over the UK, to various vendors, garden centers, shops, farms, restaurants, councils, and other tree growers.

Our main goal is to produce the highest quality Christmas tree for our wholesale customers and that is not an easy task. It evolves choosing the right planting strains, fertilizing, spraying, endless pruning and shearing. Combined with hard work and lot so f time invested in each tree it produces the best tree. Basically what we do is we slow the growth of the trees making them bushy and full to the top. We seem to be doing something right as we win many awards, especially in 2017 when we won BCTGA Christmas Tree Grower of the Year. I met and presented to PM Theresa May the winning tree, which was displayed outside No. 10 Downing Street. It was a great achievement for all of us at the farm.

Wholesale Christmas Trees farm supplying trees to the whole of UK

We grow 4000, 000 trees, Nordman Fir, Korean Fir, Fraser Fir and Spruce, all sizes up to 20 ft. We transport them to many parts of the country close to Christmas to ensure freshness and longer lasting tree. Gower Fresh Christmas Trees’ name and brand are getting stronger as many growers and resellers are now asking for our trees. It’s all due to quality and freshness, as opposed to many trees bought in from the continent from many good tree growers like myself, but their trees have to be cut so early to be transported to the UK that by the time a customer buys their tree they are already dried out. That is not good for anyone, not for the customers, because of the rapid needle loss, not for the local economy, not for the environment with so many miles to travel it increases the carbon footprint.

Frasier Fir Wholesale Christmas Trees

So, in a few weeks when the trees have grown sufficiently, I will mark, grade and label the trees for sale. I will then allocate them to customers requirements. Our best seller is Fraser Fir, which is the most popular tree in Canada and the USA for its turquoise colour and zesty smell. We have seen a huge wholesale and retail demand for this tree. I am especially glad as it’s my favorite tree and we have a lot planted. More and more customers in the UK are changing from a Nordman to a Fraser each year.

Very soon we will start marketing trees for wholesale. I think Brexit will have an impact as many producers will have to rely on UK suppliers rather than buy imports.

We also have now production of potted trees coming on at the farm, basically, live trees grown in a pot. We have thousands planted, mainly Korean, Nordman and Fraser, which make for great potted trees. You can buy them not only at our sites but wholesale as well. That is a great option if want to replant your tree in the garden after Christmas.

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