We are the largest wholesale Christmas trees in Wales supplier and we are delighted that with each year we are getting stronger and better known for our outstanding product quality and services.
June is finally at the end and it only now seems that we are getting on top of the work since Christmas. Workers are on their much deserved Holidays and I am holding the fort with 41 reindeer and 400,000 Christmas trees to look after. The Fraser and Nordman fir are halfway through growing and looking really well. We are very pleased with the Fraser Fir as it’s getting more popular every year. I focused my planting strategy on this tree in the past years and it seems to be paying off, such a relief, especially as the wholesale orders for Fraser Fir have been so strong. So, if you want a change from your usual Christmas tree and want more fragrant, citrusy and turquoise blue tree this year take a look at the Fraser Fir, once people have one they never go back.

The wholesale numbers and supply of this tree for other suppliers is on the rise. We work with some large Christmas trees suppliers like Emerald Christmas Trees, and Jadecliff Christmas Tree Farm  and also Jakins Christmas Trees, who buy quality trees from us to supply across the UK. Our next job will be grading and labelling the trees, a very important job, it helps the wholesalers, who buy large quantities of trees, but also our thousands of customers, who expect value for money, when buying a tree. Thats the whole reason I started planting our first trees. I thought the trees on the market were too expensive for the quality and were in bad condition i.e. cut too early. At Gower Fresh we cut our trees a couple of days before required.

The wholesale Christmas tree business is about selling a lot of trees at a small price, which is very helpful for Gower Fresh. We are structured in a way to produce a lot of trees for the smallest cost in order to keep the price down. We are hopeful that we will pick up a few more wholesale orders and then I can relax a bit. I am proud to say with all our hard work trees are looking great this year.

For more information on our Wholesale Christmas Trees in Wales business and for orders, please, contact us via email at info@gowerfreshchristmastrees.co.uk or contact Rob at rob@gowerfreshchristmastrees.co.uk You are also more than welcomed to call to the farm to view trees and discuss terms. We do deliver wholesale trees at a cost, which can be supplied loose or palleted.

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