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Fresh Christmas Trees

Hello, it’s Rob here at Gower Fresh Christmas Trees, I know Christmas is still too far and you don’t want to think about it, especially in Spring. So, some of you might think we do little throughout the year, well, think again. We are finally finishing pruning our Fraser Fir , Nordman Fir and Noble Fie , all of which are hand pruned 3 times a year, also weeded and fertilised.

We have been working in all weathers, down to -10℃, rain and sun, but all 400,000 trees are ready to grow and awaken in spring to put on new growth.
I’m proud to say, we are looking at our best crop of trees ever, as each year we get better at what we do and trees are more mature.

At Gower Fresh Christmas Trees, we don’t tend to rush growing trees. Our experience is that a tree that is not pushed to grow, ends up a better tree. It’s a great lesson in patience though, so each tree you buy is nearly 10 years old.

Cvetan is pruning the top of one of our Christmas trees.
Pruning Christmas trees tops

“Pick Your Own Tree”

We have been hard at work pruning the trees at the “Pick Your Own Tree” fields. We know, how many of you chose and had their own tree cut fresh from the fields last year and we want to give you the best this year again. It’s been rather amazing to see so many returning customers loving our trees. Picking your own tree is proving to be a very popular thing. We expect even more visitors this year, so, we are extending our network of roads, so our tractor and trailer rides can get you there, drier and cleaner!!!

More changes on the way

Of course, there are more changes on the way in the 2018 season. We have done an extensive re-surfacing of the car parks and putting in more toilets. As the site grows more and more we need to be sure we can cope with the influx of visitor. We are committed to giving our customers a pleasant and stress-free experience.

Stay Tuned

Well, this is it, for now, folks. There are more exciting updates coming. We are expecting new arrivals, new additions to our Reindeer Herd. New baby Reindeer are coming in May and June. Stay tuned, you wouldn’t want to miss this. We will share with you photos of the babies, but be warned, those are the cutest ever, lol. It will make you want to visit the Farm.

Will be back soon.

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