Baby reindeer arrivals 2018

Baby Reindeer Arrivals at Gower Fresh Christmas Trees farm

It’s that time of the year again and we are full-on busy here at Gower Fresh Christmas Trees with new baby reindeer being born every week.

It’s Rob here guys. Thank you for stopping by to read our news. I was just about able to sit down for 5 minutes to update you on what has been an exciting yet tiring time for us. Our job of looking after our beautiful Christmas trees is a 365-days-a-year job. But it seems like our reindeer take and require just as much time and care.

This is calving time for us and at the moment we have 5 beautiful newly born baby reindeer additions to the herd. That takes our numbers up to 30. I have to admit, it’s very hard work helping the mothers deliver their babies. The last few weeks we have been checking them every 2 to 3 hours. We have had to camp in their field, when a female looks ready to give birth. It’s been hard but rewarding work. Sadly, we lost one baby reindeer, we did everything we could to save the calve, but what can I say, that’s life on the farm.

The Calves

The calves are loving the sun, they are very healthy and already walking and running around. We give them the best food and we import their favourite moss from Scandinavia. It’s their preferred diet, full of vitamins and it’s organic. We are now naming them slowly but do struggle for good names. We plan to hold a naming competition on our Facebook Pagewhere you can own and name your own reindeer. So, get ready, come up with some great names, just please make sure that they are sensible names.

The rest of the herd is situated at the moment next to the “maternity unit”.  They are losing their winter coats at the moment and growing their new antlers. They lose  and grow a new set every year, and the older the reindeer the larger the antlers. Right now they don’t look very impressive but wait until November time when they will all look spectacular .

We will introduce the calves to the herd very soon and they will settle pretty quickly into the reindeer hierarchy. We are so happy with the numbers we have, as the more eyes in a herd the less threat there is to danger. Well, not that there is any, but still Reindeer are social animals and they like big herds. It makes them calm and relaxed. This is what our animals are like, happy and feeling safe as opposed to some attractions parks and farms, where they keep just 2 or 3 reindeer and that makes them permanently stressed. They need the large numbers and don’t like to be kept in confined spaces, it is very detrimental to their health and many die of stress and loneliness.

Photos and Video

Here are few photos and videos of our new arrivals. Look how adorable and cute they are. It makes you want to hold and cuddle them. If you want to come and see them in person, please, do so. Just give us a call or drop us a line, so we know to expect you. Or simply turn up and we will welcome and show you the reindeer.

Here are few videos from our partner and friend iNNOVATIONphotography  Make sure to unmute to get the sound.

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