Exciting news at GOWER FRESH CHRISTMAS TREES, we are opening early this year, not for the “Christmas trees pick-your-own”, but for the “Pick-Your-Own Pumpkin Season”, the Halloween Pumpkin Party

Halloween and reindeer-Gower Fresh Christmas Trees

Join us for a week of fun and creativity! Come early to the Christmas Tree Farm this year and choose your pumpkins, you will have the option of choosing one from our tree barn and shop, or take a wander in the fields among the trees to find the perfect pumpkin. We will have barrows to help you harvest them. The first weekend is the 13th of october atm , but will will update soon .

Halloween Pumpkin carving at Gower Fresh Christmas Trees

So, for most of October we will be open daily for you to pick your own pumpkin, then the fun begins on the 26th of October, we open the Halloween barn, where you will be able to attend pumpkin carving class, make as much mess as you want all the tools and designs provided, also broom decorating, make your personal thunderbolt broom ! You can also enjoy some entertainment, toffee apples, sweet shop, spooky face painting and food and drink all day long. We promise it’s going to be a great fun.

All tickets for this event are available on our website or Facebook Page page,

Don’t forget, when at the farm you can visit our resident reindeer herd, when choosing your pumpkin. Come and see how much the babies have grown and feed them their magical reindeer moss as they prepare for Christmas.

Halloween at Gower Fresh Christmas Trees
Halloween at Gower Fresh Christmas Trees

We are realy excited about seeing you all at Halloween week. We are glad to open our doors early this year, for all customers, old and new. As for outr real Christmas trees they are the best crop we have to date, and should you chose to you can pre-tag trees or just check them out when you visit .

Look forward to seeing you all,

Yours, Rob.

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