Reindeer Update

Hello, Rob here at Gower Fresh Christmas Trees, still enjoying the sunshine in Wales. Today we had an eventful morning doing a health check on the reindeer and worming them. Had to catch over 30 reindeer of various sizes and attitudes, is not for the faint-hearted. Believe it or not, they actually understand what we are trying to do.

So, I managed to get some time today to update you all on what we are doing and what life is like on the Farm.

Calving is nearly over with 6 beautiful calves being born into the herd and maybe one or two still to come. It’s already mid-June and we need to start work on the Winter Wonderland at the farm. It was once a tiny shed with a Santa in it, but now is a huge indoor attraction with 5 Santa chalets, multiple animatronics of huge snowman, penguins, polar bears, elves and more, beautiful winter scenes with a magical atmosphere, reindeers, and snow!! It’s worth coming along to witness it first hand.

Santa's Grotto at Swansea Winter Wonderland- Gower Fresh Christmas Trees

The Grotto is changing in 2018

Every year we do our best to change the grotto and introduce new ideas. But it seems to be harder and harder each year to so, as we have set a very high standard. We want it to show Christmas in its full magical splendour. We are presently taking down last year’s scenes and creating new ones. It will be fair to say that we put as much effort into the Santa’s Grotto as we do in growing the trees all year round. It’s all worth it though when you see the many children and adults having a great time and immersing themselves in the Christmas experience. They all start to believe in Santa when they enter and see what we have created.

Over 10,000 children came through the doors last year and I talked to a few to see if they enjoyed it. We love having our customer’s feedback both good and bad. We are determined to make it good value for money. Sometimes I am amazed at how far people travel to visit our Winter Wonderland. We’ve had people coming from London, Bristol, Birmingham, even met some from Australia. Once we had visitors from Germany, who also bought a tree and took it back home with them, amazing.

Your feedback is important

So, every year I look back and I am astonished at how far we’ve come from the days when I used to sit on an old sofa the barn, next to my sheep flock lambing, worried that no one was going to come and buy a tree from me. Today, thousands of people come to see what we do.

We work closely with our customers and try to identify what they like and dislike and hear what recommendations they have. We take everything on board trying to improve our Grotto.
At the moment we are converting another shed to make it into a wreath-making workshop, so you can make your own beautiful or not so beautiful
? wreath for your house. We are improving and enlarging the toilet facilities, improving car parking and dare I say our trees are looking amazing for this year’s crop.

We have great things in store for our customers and I believe that this year it will be even better than last year. We are looking forward to seeing you all. Better go back to work now, getting that grotto ready.

Speak to you soon.

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